The Finnish Art of Endurance

By Peter Morgan Nordic countries seem to specialise in lifestyle concepts that often defy one-word English translations. Keen outdoorsy types may be familiar with the Norwegian (and tongue defying) ‘friluftsliv’ which champions spending time in the wilderness. In the past decade, the Danes have shared the aesthetic comforts of ‘hygge’ much to the delight of inner-city design professionals worldwide. The […]


Where Will All The Birds Go?

By Michael Chantiri Amidst all the bedlam and chaos of this pandemic, a lot of people are rightfully fearful of the future. What to do seems to be the question of the hour, it’s enough to drive anyone a little crazy. However, what no one is asking about is the birds. Since no one is […]


WhatsApp: Friend or Foe in the Age of Mass Media?

By Peter Morgan, Brittney Tolhurst, Michael Chantiri and Erin Grant We all know how powerful social media is, but what about WhatsApp? The less talked about but arguably more impactful little brother of Facebook. Whether it’s the app’s international reach or the false sense of privacy it instils, there is something about WhatsApp that weaves […]