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C4 students in 2022: Shannon, Eddie, Curly, Sarah, Gem, Amy, Dani, Kotnyin, Joey, Zaid, and Max ❤️

Off Campus is reported, edited, and produced by the students and teachers of radio, journalism, and social media in Building Z at TAFE NSW’s Ultimo campus.

It’s an education tool for us, but we hope it can also be a source of news and entertainment for you. We aim to provide stories on a wide range of topics and issues, from politics, sport, and technology to entertainment, music, and the arts.

TAFE NSW offers Certificate 4, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma courses in Journalism, Radio Broadcasting, Podcasting, and Social Media. You can find out more about our courses on the TAFE NSW website.


I want to be a journalist, but I didn’t get the marks to go to UTS, Charles Sturt, UWS, or any of the other universities. What can I do?

You can enrol in one of our courses. We’ll help you learn the skills you’ll need to become a journalist or update the skills you already have. Many of our students go straight into media jobs after graduating, and others continue on to university after completing their study with us. We’re proud of our success rate.

I want to work in radio. Does TAFE offer radio courses?

Yes. Experienced radio industry specialists teach all aspects of radio production. At our Ultimo campus we have two state-of-the-art radio studios and a podcasting studio, and students produce programs for TAFE Radio, our own station which streams live via this website 24 hours a day.

Do I need good marks in my HSC to get into media courses at TAFE?

No, but we will ask you to do a test upon enrolment that lets us know about the skills you have, and whether or not you need extra learning support. Enrolments start in January, and we have a second enrolment period halfway through the year. The aim of the test is to assess your writing ability and your knowledge of news and current affairs. The best way to prepare for the test is to read newspapers and news web sites, watch the news on TV, and listen to news on the radio. We also rate an interest in books and film highly. We’re looking for students who are curious about the world around them.

I left school a few years ago. Do the courses cater for mature-age students?

Yes. The most successful classes have a mix of students from all age groups and social backgrounds. We welcome older students and the contribution they can make as mentors in a classroom.

Will I get a job after graduating from TAFE?

That’s up to you! Our Diploma students are required to complete work experience as part of their course, which provides a good opportunity to make employment contacts. All of our teachers have worked in the media, and we have a lot of experience in newsrooms, in radio and podcasting, and in social media management and content creation. So we know how best to help you approach employers for jobs, internships, and work experience. The courses are designed to give you a working portfolio so that you can apply for further study or employment, and also to give you the practical skills you need to begin a media career.

Will it be fun?

Yes! We’ll help you learn more about people and the world around you, and learn how to tell stories which inform and inspire. You’ll learn to write, and you’ll also learn to develop other skills essential to media practitioners beginning a career – radio broadcasting, podcasting, photography, audio and video editing, blogging, and social media. Hopefully you’ll learn to look at the world in a new way.

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