A Collection Of Wholesome And Encouraging Instagram Accounts

By Maddy Turner

Look, sometimes life can become overwhelming, so we turn to social media for escape and distraction. This can (more often than not) make us feel worse about ourselves – I mean, it’s basically full of people making themselves look near-perfect with Facetune, Photoshop – heck, most people purely show themselves with a filter over their lives. But, I think that turning to social media can be a good thing, if you’re following the right accounts – there are someday when a post or two can really lift my spirits and encourage me, or simply make me giggle a bit. So, I have put together a list of my favourite positive accounts that I have discovered on Instagram, for you to peruse at your pleasure 🙂

  1. Therefinedwoman

This account just sends out really positive vibes. It is what I would describe as a more personal account, but the theme is positive and bright, and there are quite a couple of posts that really hit me in the relatability bone. This is one of them:

2. Morganharpernichols

I. Love. This. Account. It has so many profound and encouraging messages – a lot of which always seem to appear right as I need them. This is one of the first accounts that I look at in the morning because it puts me in a good mood and always teaches me something about myself.

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I just hope you know it’s okay if this year didn’t look like how you thought it would a year ago. Yes, you can always look back and say what you should’ve have done differently, how you should’ve worked harder, or what you should’ve said that night when everything fell apart. But you can also say this to yourself: “a lot of things happened this year that I could not have foreseen. And even if I didn’t move through it all perfectly, I am no less worthy of love and a meaningful life right here, where I am.” It’s okay to change directions. Its okay to change the way you think about things. It’s okay to take a chance on a new way of seeing or doing something. It’s okay to let go and hope for better. You are not stuck on a loop. Every day is brand new. The sun never rises or sets the same way day by day. No matter how similar they all seem, those trees outside your window are not all the same. And no matter how much you feel like you should be like someone else (including your past self), you are not the same. You cannot compare what you’re doing now to what use to do. You cannot compare yourself to the people beside or above you. And you are going to be okay. Not perfect, but okay. And I know it doesn’t seem like it on these ordinary days, when the holidays are hanging over your head, and you would rather stay in bed, but trust that right here, you are still whole. And though chaos rises up around you, you are free to be well in your soul, clinging to joy and peace, right in the wild of things. As you look back on the year, may you do so with compassion. As you look forward to the future, may you do so with courage. As you lean into the present moment, lean into the lessons that you can learn here. It might not make every issue go away, but it will help you grow in the grace, where you will then realize: everything you are going through come help someone else…including yourself. There is someone a few miles away from you than can learn from all you have been through. There is strength you are gathering here that you can’t even see yet that will necessary for your next step. Trust that the journey does not have to be perfect in order to be whole and beautiful.

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3. For_the_observer

So this one is a little different from the others in the way that it is more of an art account. The girl who runs this account does small, cute sketches and places them out in the world for the occasional onlooker to notice. I just think it’s a really cute idea that, again, gives off wholesome vibes.

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On the street sign.

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4. Garden24co

Ok, so the name of the account threw me off at first too – but it isn’t actually about plants. It’s called Garden24co because it supports the growth of people , and their life journeys – they also have some killer merch, and who doesn’t want that right?

5. Wholesomememesog

I would like to say that this account was one of my OG favourites from back in the day. There are some legitimately funny posts in this account that tickle my funny bone, and there is something relatable to almost everyone who looks. Also (most importantly) they are all very wholesome.

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