Are phones keeping us connected?

BY HAYLEY TAYLOR @hayloutay They say that mobile phones are making us less in touch with people physically, but is this really the case? TAFE student Hayley Taylor hits the streets of Newtown to find out whether mobile phones connect us or disconnect us. Do you think that mobile phone’s are keeping us connected or disconnected? Tell us […]


Quest for unity

BY RAFAEL SANCHEZ-BAYO @bayo_sanchez We live in a world where hatred and discrimination cloud our minds. Whether it is towards a race, religion or gender, hatred has the same harmful psychological effects. The end of the Second World War saw many Australians ostracising the Japanese due to the bombing of Darwin, the attempted attack on […]

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Surviving the HSC

BY ERIC RIBEIRO @LobEric15 “Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” – Hans Selye Teenagers will be feeling the effects of stress as the Higher School Certificate (HSC) draws nearer, a test which many believe will determine their future. Some students will have to fight their parent’s expectations and their educational system […]

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Airstrike kills ISIS second in command

BY RAFAEL SANCHEZ-BAYO @bayo_sanchez Islamic State’s second in command has been killed by a US-led airstrike in northern Iraq according to Iraqi officials. The leader, known as Abu Alaa al-Afari, was killed near the city of Tal Afar The airstrike occurred near Tal Afar, where the US military were conducting airstrikes on Tuesday and Wednesday. […]


Living rough: winter is coming

By Aaaron Streatfeild @slazanom Observing commuters struggling to stay dry during the severe weather in Sydney recently, Missionbeat’s Shane Sturgiss noticed a discarded blanket in a doorway.  In their haste to seek shelter and warmth, commuters passed the discarded blanket without noticing it.  But it was at this point Shane realised, this blanket was once […]

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Let’s talk about sex

BY TAMSIN DOCHERTY @tamsinjayde We live in a society becoming more and more accepting of sex and sexuality. A society where it is okay to express your sexuality or relationship preferences, to explore yourself and your options, a society where sex and sexuality can be empowering. It’s taken us quite a while to get here […]