Bolting for Barnardos

BY SEREIMA TAROGI @sereima49 Barnardos Australia has announced a new addition to Sydney’s running event calendar: The Barnardos Beach Bolt. Billed as a high-energy community event, The Barnardos Beach Bolt will take place on Coogee Beach starting at Grant Reserve on the southern end of Coogee and finishing up on the north end at Dunningham […]


Podcast: Retail horror stories

Diploma students Michael Golding (@MrGolding21), Jessica Scully (@Jedikaa), Sereima Tarogi (@sereima49) and Justin Pineda (@King_Justizzle) discuss the nightmarish scenarios encountered by anyone who’s ever worked in the retail or hospitality industries. You can tune in for more podcast episodes at Michael’s Soundcloud.  


Why Netflix won’t stop piracy

BY NINA COOKE @nina_rivers After the launch of Netflix in Australia this week the online streaming debate is once again in the public eye. Despite the increasing number of online subscription services, people are watching entertainment illegally more than ever. With so many TV shows and movies on offer, why are we still refusing to sign up for subscriptions? […]


Bon appetit! Two dishes from Senegal

BY BINTOU MAYA A former French colony, Senegal has been strongly influenced by French and North African cultures. Most people in big cities such as Dakar start the morning with a fresh French baguette, picked up every day from a bakery, which you can find on every corner.


Tunisia PM fires police

View image |   BY RAFAEL SANCHEZ-BAYO Tunis: The Tunisian Prime Minister fired six police commanders on Monday, including the head of tourist security, after a militant attack on the national museum last week due to negligent security failures. The attack was considered the worst in more than a decade since the revolt that […]


The bilingual advantage

By Francesca Muscatello Finding the right path for your child can be a decision that many parents find daunting when choosing a school. Would your child thrive more in a language focused school than in a sports orientated one? This is the problem that many parents face when choosing an appropriate school for their children.

Student Survival Guide

Spiders: No say and all spray

A reluctant interviewee can be really frustrating. MATTHEW TRIPLEY explains. The garden spider … a pest to your plants and a nuisance in general. And talk about ignorance – they certainly don’t make the best interviewees, as their input is limited merely to the webs that they spin. I discovered this recently in my attempt to interview […]