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Winter Magic Festival Photo: Mike Baker/Flickr




Wondering what to do with your time now that TAFE is on holidays? There’s plenty of great things to fill your time with; reading, writing, getting some quality time with your blog and online friends. If none of that appeals to you maybe try going into hibernation until July 14th.

Between hibernation, that new game you bought but haven’t had enough time to play yet and your online social obligations you could even try getting out of the house and doing something new and interesting. Just once. Don’t push it; you’re on holidays now!

The Blue Mountains has a Winter Magic Festival during the holidays, and as it’s only for one day it still allows for plenty of sleeping. The Blue Mountains are well known for their natural beauty and the culture of the people. Tourists flock year round to Katoomba to experience it’s many cafes and knickknack shops. On June 21st the Winter Magic Festival gives it even more visiting appeal. There are stalls, fun activities, a parade, and amazing costumes. This year is set to be even more spectacular than usual as the festival will be celebrating the bicentenary of the crossing of the Blue Mountains.

So when you’re tired of sleeping, you’ve finished the new game and your online friends are annoying you, come along to the Winter Magic Festival! If you’re feeling brave enough put on a costume, or wear something quirky (like the jumper your grandma knitted you for Christmas) and enjoy the celebration.

Or just sleep. It’s up to you.

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