Capturing Cambodia’s essence

STORY AND PHOTOS BY JASMINE VASARHELYI   The roaring of motorcycle engines floods the streets of Phnom Penh. Cheap market stalls, some afloat, some grounded, more or less diverge from water to land. The intoxicating scent of freshly made steamed noodles collides with harmonizing aroma of coconut-milk-base with a hint of chilli, nourishing your senses. Street […]

Student Survival Guide

Student Apps of the Week

Tap Tap Revolution. One of the most important apps to increase a student’s finger dexterity. Feature image: Cristiano Betta/Flickr    by Dios Lacap Reporting in for ‘Student Apps of the Week’ volume 1! It’s the beginning of a new week and everyone’s ready for the week ahead of them. For those that are unaware, Student […]

Breaking news

Breaking News | April 14

Missing: Australia’s Humanity. Artwork: Hugh Widjaya/Tumblr   Man sets himself on fire after visa rejected By Hugh Widjaya   A Sri Lankan asylum seeker in his 20s is in a critical condition after setting himself on fire in inner western Sydney, Wednesday evening. After finishing work at the Balmain dockyards, the cleaner, only identified as […]


Could books become extinct?

By Santana Haluska Bookstores are in trouble. The publishing industry is in the throes of some pretty major changes, with the full effects to take years to play out. Publishers are downsizing, booksellers aren’t thriving like once before, even distributors are feeling the pressure. The Internet has revolutionised every industry it has come into contact […]


Dirk the Dangerous NBA Dagger

Story and illustration by Hugh Widjaya @hughwidjaya What makes Dirk Nowitzki the greatest shooter and one of the most inspiring players ever? At seven feet tall Dirk Werner Nowitzki should not have such a stunning array of shooting moves. Sure he might look awkward when the ball leaves his fingers and his feet the ground […]


Ukrainians want democracy and freedom, not war

Lviv resident Pavlo Markovskiy and friends during military service in the Ukraine.   BY RIPSIME OVSEPYAN   Ukraine’s government has reacted to aggressive Russian movements in Crimea, with the country’s acting president Oleksandr Turchinov declaring that Ukrainian soldiers have prepared an army to defend the eastern regions of the country. This has led to an […]

Breaking news

Breaking News | April 1

A humpback whale breaches off the coast of NSW. Photo: cweng50/flickr     Australia wins whaling war By Constanza Ahumada The international court of justice ruled against Japan’s act of killing whales in the Antarctic, immediately putting an end to the slaughter.  The Court laid in favour of Australia’s claim against Japan’s whale quest on […]