When power takes life

Not hunger striking to die, but to live. Photo: Jan Sefti/Kurdistan Photo/flickr &nbsp: BY BAWER EKINCI   Life becomes resistance to power when power takes life as its object                                                                                                     -Deleuze    Approximately 1000 Kurdish political prisoners across Turkey have been on an indefinite hunger strike for the last 44 days, demanding freedom for imprisoned […]

News Podcasts

Podcast: Are you addicted to Facebook?

Addicted to Facebook? Illustration: Stanislav Petrov/deviantart   Join The Triangle’s Luke “Moonshaker”, Ray Ray and Antoni as they discuss the Facebook experience: everything from addiction and lying about birthdays to the most effective way to get robbed, thanks to one of the biggest social media networks today. The Triangle tries to unravel the mysteries of […]


Choosing the hijab

BY CLAUDIA RUSMAN We live in a nation where multiculturalism comes into place and different cultures, religion and faith come into practice. In a world where Islam is the fastest growing religion, different perceptions are made, especially in our mass media. Throughout the years there has been a focus of different perceptions of Muslim women […]


Natalie’s Story

“I could never find enough people to love me.” Five young people attempt suicide in Australia each day. Photo: ~rOckFaiiry/deviantart    BY SHANNON LUXFORD   Natalie West is like glue. She holds others together without any concern for herself. What she went through is something no person should have to go through. She describes it in an […]


Like me … plea$e

In our first-ever STM podcast, NICK CAVARRETTA broaches the subject of bands buying facebook likes with Chris Penney from Glitter Canyon, who bought 1000 likes for his band’s page, and Matthew Carpenter from, who sells facebook likes to anyone who is willing to pay for them. This is a common practice, but who is […]

Multimedia Photos

I love you, Mum

STORY AND PHOTOS BY AMANDA PARKINSON   The phone rang, I was busy. The phone rang, I was still busy. The phone rang, I didn’t notice. The phone rang, I answered it. As I sat laughing with a friend, ignoring my phone, a woman – a woman I call mum – sits numb, desperately trying […]


Charles & Camilla: Down Under in 2012

The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince of Wales in 2005. Photo: Bill Braasch/flickr   BY CAROLYN CASH   The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will visit Australia in November as the Queen’s personal representatives during the Diamond Jubilee year. Their Royal Highnesses will visit Longreach, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney and Canberra where they […]


Down and out in Sydney

By Shaina Bloom You’re soaked to the bone. The coat you had for seven years has finally worn out, tearing at the seams and providing almost no protection. You try and sleep but the wind is slapping against your face. In an attempt to shield yourself, you’ve buried your face on the stone pavement, but […]


The Reading Revolution

Books: facing the biggest revolution since Gutenberg invented the printing press. Illustration by ~vladstudio/deviantart BY VPOPR For most people writer’s block means an inhibition that prevents them from putting pen to paper. But for prolific writer, painter, Mambo illustrator, Mental As Anything and Dog Trumpet musician Christopher O′Doherty (better known as Reg Mombassa) it was a […]