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The end of Ramadan: Eid Mubarak

  BY CLAUDIA RUSMAN   Ramadan is the holy month of fasting and worship for Muslims. We fast from dawn to sunset to increase righteousness and dutifulness to Allah (God). Once we have completed a whole month of fasting, we have our celebration called “Eid”, which is celebrated throughout the world by all Muslims. Eid is […]


Smoking: no easy answers

The shocking truth: smoking is bad for you. Photo: brixton21/flickr     BY NICK MONFRIES   Last week fellow TAFE student, punk rock fan and also-Nick, Nick Cavarretta, wrote a piece about the Australian Federal Government passing a law that dictates that all cigarette packets sold in Australia must now be sold in plain khaki coloured […]


My beautiful left foot

Harry Kewell. Artwork by 3rd3m/deviantart BY TOM MOXEY   PLAYER PROFILE: HARRY KEWELL D.O.B: 22 September 1978 (33) Position: Winger Status: Player at Melbourne Victory Clubs: Leeds United, Liverpool, Galatasaray, Melbourne Victory National Team: Australia (56 games, 17 goals) Achievements Leeds United: FA Youth Cup (1996-97), PFA Young Player of the Year (1999-00), PFA Team […]


Plain packaging: do smokers care?

From December 2012, cigarettes in Australia will be sold in plain, khaki-coloured packaging. Illustration by Vectorportal/flickr. BY NICK CAVARRETTA   If you’re one to read the news, you’ve probably noticed that the hot topic of the day is the removing of branding from a packet. That’s right, I’m referring to the plain packaging for cigarette packets. […]


Hoist with their own petard

Main photo: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, by Andrew Feinberg/flickr     BY NICK MONFRIES   If you’re anything like me, you probably have more than a passing acquaintance with Facebook and its various pages, profiles, likes and comments. If you’re like me, you also like nothing more than seeing a deserving public takedown. Somewhat like what […]


The price of homelessness

Story and photo by Amanda Parkinson Twilight glistens across the city. Wind tumbles down Martin Place. Precious pearls and Armani coats are locked away, cosy and safe behind the glass of shop windows. Adorning the shops’ steps, beneath tattered blankets Sydney’s homeless sleep. Tonight 22,000 Australians will sleep rough. 220,000 Australians will access homelessness services this […]


Stories, senses and spheres: Sydney Biennale

  STORY AND PHOTOS BY AMANDA PARKINSON With a little hustle and bit of bustle, hordes of curious art buffs cram onto the ferry bound for Cockatoo Island. Once an orphanage, then a shipping yard, now the historic island plays host to the 18th Biennale Sydney.  This year’s Biennale, entitled “Stories, Senses and Spheres” transports […]


Face to Face with Jenny

Kerry Fox plays leading role Jenny in Face to Face, STC’s new production. Photo courtesy STC website.   BY MINGYUE ZHOU How close can you ever get to lunacy? And how much would you really feel about it? What is the borderline between madness and sanity, and what is the ultimate price to pay to maintain […]


Winning, anyone? Charlie is

BY NICK CAVARRETTA Well, you may or may not have not seen Charlie Sheen’s comeback yet, and I’m sure you’re sceptical about a kind of sober Charlie Sheen on television. The eighth episode of the new show Anger Management is about to be released in the US. Meanwhile here in Australia we’re waiting until Tuesday August […]