Love in Three Courses

Left to right: Tess Rapa-Davey, Josephine Rapa, Chloe Hobbs. Photo: Sophie Rapa-Hobbs BY SOPHIE RAPA-HOBBS I explore my heritage through three generations of women in my family, sharing an entrée with granny, main with mum, and dessert with my big sister. Entree of Pastizzi, cooked by Josephine Rapa Married at seventeen, Josephine Rapa and her […]


Interview: Reliving Jurassic Park

Ariana Richards with Sam Neill and Joseph Mazzello in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film Jurassic Park.   BY KATE DAWSON   In a move that will thrill movie lovers everywhere, Universal Studios have released all three Jurassic Park blockbusters to Blu-ray, and to celebrate we caught up with one of the original cast members, Ariana Richards, […]


Why Occupy Australia?

BY AMANDA PARKINSON Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is a leaderless global movement protesting social inequality. The first protests broke out a little more than a month ago as the US and Europe faced further financial chaos. With a currency derailed by economic debt and crippled by the cost of a lengthy war, the US government was […]


Restoring peace in Libya

Tyranny has fallen at the hands of young freedom fighters and Libyans rejoice the death of dictator Muammar Gaddafi. After eight months of civil war, the National Transitional Council (NTC) now faces the task of restoring peace to the country and organising its first democratic election. But the task is not easy. With oil production down and […]