Confessions of a Twitter addict

By Andrew Garland Hi, my name’s @AndriouxGarland and I’m a twitter addict. I’m fairly new to Twitter.  In fact, it was forced upon me as part of my journalism and communications course at TAFE.  With Twitter, it wasn’t that I didn’t fully understand the concept. I just didn’t really care.  So when @babelfishes insisted we start an […]


Don’t hate on me! I heart Justin Bieber

Reaching through the screen to steal our hearts: Justin Bieber in Paramount Pictures’ Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Photo credit: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures BY KATE DAWSON When it was announced last August that Paramount Pictures was prepping a motion picture about Justin Bieber’s life, the general reaction was, shall we say, a scoff. The […]


In the dark of night, fearing death

Artist Michael Zavros with his daughter Phoebe. Photo: Edwina Pickles/SMH, used with permission from the photographer   BY KATHRYN LEWIS   Michael Zavros is a Brisbane-based artist. In a short Q&A he speaks with The West Street Journal about his 2010 Doug Moran Portrait Prize winning painting. “Until I became a parent I didn’t fear death. Now […]