Like me … plea$e

In our first-ever STM podcast, NICK CAVARRETTA broaches the subject of bands buying facebook likes with Chris Penney from Glitter Canyon, who bought 1000 likes for his band’s page, and Matthew Carpenter from, who sells facebook likes to anyone who is willing to pay for them. This is a common practice, but who is to decide if it’s white hat or black hat marketing? Is there a fine line between the two, or is it simply a case of real vs fake?

Since this podcast was made, facebook started deleting bots and Glitter Canyon lost the 1000 followers they bought. Other bands are sitting on 0 likes per day in their public like stats, which is a sign that they also bought facebook likes. This happened just after facebook introduced their advanced page post targeting option.

Will non tech-savvy promoters care about social media numbers in then end, or will people start listening to music again and making their own decisions?

Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you likes. Illustration: ~Metalni/CC/deviantart

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  1. Interesting podcast, well presented and explains the issues well.
    I won’t be attaching my comment to any social media site, but I will recommend this to my friends so that they can. expect exactly zero
    But I care. I know it seems like I don’t, but I really do care.
    I don’t have enough followers, but that’s the point. right?

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