10 things that happen when you fall in love

BY HARRY ASHFORD-COX @harryashford15

We all know the feeling … weak knees, butterflies in the tummy, an inability to think about anything or anyone but bae <3 Harry A-C has done some research to find the definitive list of what actually happens to us when we find true love.

  1. Your appearance matters

Obviously when you go on a date, you don’t want to turn up in basketball shorts and a shirt with a cat on it. People will tend to make sure they look in top condition to impress their date by shaving, using extra deodorant and losing weight, all in hope to find The One.



  1. You try more things outside your comfort zone

Most people in relationships have some common interests, but there are always a couple of things one half is reluctant to do. If you’re single and are afraid of heights you probably won’t go skydiving, but if you have a daredevil partner you will be open to trying new things to connect with them.


  1. You buy them stuff

It could be their birthday, Christmas or any other holiday, or maybe you just feel a little generous and buy them a gift for no reason at all except that they make you happy.


  1. You must be with them

You have this new person in your life and all you want to do is be with them ALL DAY EVERY DAY whether watching Netflix or going for a walk.


  1. You meet more people

This one comes with any person you meet really, but when you fall in love with someone you are more likely to meet more people. Their parents, friends, co-workers and other family.


  1. You can’t stop looking

All you want is to keep looking at them because they are that spark in your life and you appreciate them so much and you’re just SO IN LOVE. When your eyes are making contact with something they are fixated, so if you are looking at them for a long time it’s either love or something weird’s going on. Probably love.


  1. You sing and dance

When you’re in love obviously you’re happy and sometimes you get that urge just to unleash your inner Tom Cruise and go full-on Risky Business. Because that’s what love can do.


  1. Your hormones go wild

Cheeks blush, hearts beat faster, palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. All of these things happen (maybe not the last two) when you are in love. You probably might even feel high because of all the euphoric feelings you’re having.


  1. Your heart rates synchronise

No, they really do. The University of California at Davis conducted research that revealed couples when couples are connected to monitors their heart beats and breathing were in sync.


  1. You now care (even) more about the future

Ok, you’re in a relationship and now you must think about the future. Are you going to get married? Have kids? Get a dog? It might all still be up in the air but at least you have something to look forward to and plan for.


Featured image: Fxiong/CC/Wikimedia Commons

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